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Reklame for Alvor (aka Serious Advertising) is an industry contest where agencies compete to create the best campaign for a chosen charitable organisation - in this case The Danish Alzheimer's Association. The campaign is brought to life by voluntary work by professionals and is aired all over the country.

We were to create a campaign that tells a different story about dementia and the people it affects with issues like isolation and fear of prejudices from outsiders. The idea should embrace both the people with the disease and their relatives. By showing that 'the essential persists' in the form of love and relationships, we show that there is a positive life after the diagnose filled with care and positivity - in contrast to the dark stories that are often told when it comes to dementia.



Extracts from the original contribution we submitted.



"I love you, but I cannot recognise you" 

"I am safe with you, but I don't remember why" 


"The essential persists"




"There's this strong insight behind the campaign and a bold execution (...) Furthermore the campaign adresses the relatives directly without displaying the Alzheimer patients."

Lars Hancke, Mensch


"The young people have created a beautiful tagline with a clear Call to Action-message. The Alzheimer patients are real people who have 'just' lost a part of their memory. Accept them, understand them, there's plenty of humanity, warmth and  generosity left in spite of the disease. I'm proud that young creatives are capable of creating this spot on idea.”

Poul Mikkelsen, branding expert


“It communicates directly to the heart. It touches the Alzheimer patients feelings of being isolated. It's a very including, not excluding, communication, and we're very, very happy and thankful for the young people's work."

Heidi Sahlholdt, responsible for fundraising in The Danish Alzheimer's Association




"I want to kiss you, but I don't remember who your are"

"I'm safe with you, but I don't remember if you're mine"


"I love you, but I don't remember who you are"
"I love talking to you, but I don't remember what we usually talk about"


 "I want to hug you, but I don't remember your name"


"The essential persists. Dementia complicates the everyday life. But the joy of the experiences and the feeling of presence with family and friends never dissapears."





As a part of the process I developed a Facebook strategy for the association during the campaign period. This resulted in thousands of shares, likes, comments, debates and advice.




325% more press coverage
96% more unique visitors on their website
123% more showings of the page
40% more new members
3300 donations via texts