CampAign & branding | LOOP

Loop is a relaxed fitness concept where you work out for 24 minutes in a loop.

We wanted to get people to know the advantages of joining the casual environment at Loop. Show that it's different from the ordinary gyms, and that there's room for everyone.

By using movement marketing we ride the wave of #fatkini, community and solidarity instead of the normal 'gym' communication that revolves around hardcore fitness, an excluding voice and  extreme health.

We want to position Loop far away from other gyms and instead start a different set of core values that focuses on diversity. Loop offers an alternative workout option with room for everyone.



Sometimes I think we're divided in two: Those who fanatically exercises  and write books on how to run a marathon, and those who think diet and exercise is bullshit. Those in between who goes for a walk or a ride on the bike are ignored.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.19.41 PM.png

Idealists vs materialists
Complicated vs easy







Because we work out the way we are
Because we believe in a simple idea
Because it's not our job to tell you, what to eat


Because your motivation is my motivation
Because we think it's nice when you call us

Loop Check: Because it's nice to put some numbers on it
Loop Gift certificate: Because it isn't a hint
Business card: Because we like it when you call


Because we always have hot coffee
Because we drink more coffee than we work out

Loop Snack: Because we believe in natural before Nupo
Loop Water: Because we're done with energy drinks
Loop Login (for the point system): Because you deserve rewards

Loop Gift certificate: Because you deserve a gift

Loop Merchandise: Because your workout doesn't get better by being branded by Nike

Loop Juice: Because we don't understand concentrate
Loop Juice: Because we're tired of fruit taste without fruit





Because we're tired of fitness dating
Because I'm so done with protein shakes
Because the run over here has a prettier view than the step machine

Because Alma can play while we work out
Because I'd rather invest in my body than the latest Nike sneaks
Because the only sixpack I'm interested in, is the one in my fridge