DINSAG | charity organisations

I wanted to reinvent charity and make it more appealing to people by avoiding the usual traps like guilt, pressure, confusion and insecurity about where the money goes. I created a line of delicious-looking tangible products that let's you know exactly what you buy and where the money goes. You can buy the vouchers for yourself or as a gift, and you can choose from all price ranges. Divided in four categories (Animals & Nature, Health & Medicine, Emergency Aid and Underprivileged in Denmark) you can for instance buy a couple of hours of breast cancer research or food for a baby elephant for a week. 




Opponents: Pressure, bad conscience,  distrust, intangibleness,  lack of time/energy, too much information flying around, lack of innovation.
Solution: Free choice, transparency, tangible, when people can and want to, new concept and communication.


Tangible Charity











The giving and receiving hand, forward/progress, human, soft shapes 


Your Cause


Animals/Nature, Emergency Aid, Health, Underprivileged




A month of care for a baby orangutang

2 hours of breast cancer research, A vegetable garden for a family in need, A bag of toys for a shelter  








The store creates a digital platform and profile for people who want to gather their charities and share it online, so that they help the causes further.


Test: Which philanthropist are you?


Facebook: Share good news.





Launch: Show that the Your Cause-donations are tangible in a very literate way. We do this by creating interactive, humorous ads that people can relate to. 



Shopping List: Eggs, toilet paper, milk, 2 hours of cancer research.
Receipt: 100 m2 coral reef





Spot 1:
A line of normal products goes on the conveyer belt: Bananas, a carton of milk, pickles etc. At the end we are surprised and pleased to see a tiny baby orangutang rolling past the screen.



Spot 2:
A line of normal products goes in the shopping basket: Soda, fruit and dairy. The last thing dropped is a human heart from a transplant.




Put the clean drinking water in the basket.
Grab some charity, when you're out shopping.


Scan the prosthesis.
Grab some charity, when you're out shopping.